The Bremia Farms llama program was begun in 1987 with the purchase of a male llama from Ruth Ruck, author of the book, “Along Came a Llama.” Animals were subsequently purchased that came from zoos in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Over twenty years more than 200 animals have been bred on the lush Welsh pastures and Bremia Farms llamas have regularly won prizes at llama shows.


The herd presently comprises over 70 animals. We usually have animals of both sexes and a range of ages for sale. We have both wooly and standard llamas and frequently have spotted animals. 
Bremia Farms is owned by Peter Bourne and Mary King who have been part time farmers in Wales for more than twenty years. Peter who is a physician by training has had an extensive career in international health and development. Mary, a political scientist, has taught at a number of universities. They have had a longstanding love of llamas and are devoted to producing animals of the highest standard for breeding, trekking, fibre or just as pets.